Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church
3125 North Main Street, Waterbury CT
An Orthodox Church for EVERYONE

Welcome to our Church !

Anyone looking for a church in the greater Waterbury area needs to look no further than Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary Orthodox Church ("St. Mary’s"). We welcome everyone, as did the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. For those looking for the "Early Church" we can emphatically state that we are it.  From the standpoint of verifiable history, the Orthodox Church is the original Church, which from the day of Pentecost has been guided by the Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of Truth.” 

The basic outline of our Sunday worship (the Divine Liturgy) was described by Saint Justin Martyr as far back as the early 2nd century, and the overall structure of the Liturgy as practiced today was established by the 4th century.  Our worship, then, is based in Tradition, and yet it is not in any way “dated” or old fashioned.  Translated into English many decades ago our Sunday worship is traditional yet timeless, never-changing, yet ever new.  Our Liturgy is so rich in depth and detail that every time one attends, something new can be discovered.  If you want depth in your worship, you want the Orthodox Church.  If you are open to it, you will have a very profound experience in witnessing our worship.  You will find a place "Where Heaven and Earth Meet!"

But don’t just take our word for it.  Please explore this website, but better yet, “Come and see.”  We worship together every 1st Saturday at 5 p.m. with a short service called Vespers (“evening prayers”), and we celebrate the Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 9 a.m.

 We welcome any person who is seeking “the fullness of the Light of Christ”.  Our greatest joy is to share our faith and our love of God with you.   Join us !





Divine Liturgy: Sundays,  9:00 a.m.

No Services due to weather on 2/18/18


Please see calendar for changes to this schedule.


See Calendar for exact dates and time

Confessions: after Vespers or by appointment.

Memorial Services:  before or after Vespers by appointment.

Priest:  Archpriest John Hopko-Administrator: 860-582-3631

or 203-753-4866 (office phone-note: not checked daily)


Note: Please refer to WFSB Channel 3 for weather cancelations.


Upcoming Services

Sunday, February 25th
Sunday of Orthodoxy
9:00 Divine Liturgy