Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church
3125 North Main Street, Waterbury CT
Bible Study and Book Club

Starting in June 2015 we will be taking up a more active adult education program.  Each week we will alternate between Bible Study and Book Club.  We are starting off with the Book of Genesis, and will be reading Fr. Thomas Hopko's The Orthodox Faith:  Vol. 1:  Doctrine.

The books can be purchased online through various websites (amazon has used copies of Fr. Hopko's books!).  The Orthodox Study Bible is recommended for Bible study (also available through amazon.  We have copies for sale in the parish bookstore as well).  

The text of Father Hopko's book is available online at no cost on the website of the Orthodox Church in America ( .    

Both meetings will be condkucted in "book club" style, that is, "coffee and conversation."  Please join us, even if you haven't done the reading!

Note: This is on hold for the time being.